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  • ‘2020-2021’ and ‘2021-2022’ School Year - Nursery / Kindergarten Admissions Application
    For the ‘2020-2021’and ‘2021-2022’ school year, our Pre-Nursery class (2 years old), Nursery Class (3 years old), Lower Kindergarten class(4 years old) and Upper Kindergarten class (5 years old) have a few remaining spaces. Interested parents should submit an application form to the school office in person, on-line or by post.

    ‘2020-2021’ 及 ‘2021-2022’學年 - 幼兒園 / 幼稚園入學申請

    For further information or to apply, please enquire on 2491 1082 or click here
    如需了解詳情及申請,請致電2491 1082 查詢或click 這裡
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