School Year 2022-2023學年
KG & PN Admission Process and Criteria收生程序及準則

1. Admission Process   收生程序

Enrollment 報名日期
Date of Online Enrollment Application網上報名申請日期 : 2/7/2021 – 31/10/2021
Date of Submission or Postal Enrollment Application親自遞交或郵寄報名申請日期 : 8/7/2021 – 31/10/2021

# Online Enrollment Application:

Submission / Postal Enrollment Application:

Parents are requested to log in to our school’s website starting from 9am on 2/7/2021 to submit the ‘2022-2023 School Year Enrollment Application Form’ online. Please prepare electronic files of the documents below:
Parents need to download the ‘2022-2023 School Year Enrollment Application Form’ and submit or send to our School Office with the following documents from 8/7/2021:
a. Digital Photo of the Applicant—passport size (jpg format only) 學童數碼証件相(jpg格式適合) a. 3 Photos of the Applicant—passport size (size 4cm X 5cm) 學童証件相(size 4cm X 5cm)
b. Applicant’s Birth Certificate
b. Copy of Applicant’s Birth Certificate
c. Parents / Guardian’s Permanent HKID 父母/監護人永久居民身份証

Additional Documents for Non-PR families非永久居民家庭之附加文件:
Applicant’s Passport and Dependent Visa學童護照及家屬簽証
Parent / Guardian’s Passport and valid visa父母/監護人護照及有效簽証
c. Copy of Parents / Guardian’s Permanent HKID父母/監護人永久居民身份証副本

Additional Documents for Non-PR families非永久居民家庭之附加文件:
Copy of Applicant’s Passport and Dependent Visa學童護照及家屬簽証副本
Copy of Parent / Guardian’s Passport and valid visa父母/監護人護照及有效簽証副本
d. *Only applicable to Kindergarten applications

*Enrollment fee (HK$40) payment slip

Parents please deposit the Enrollment fee (HK$40) into our school HSBC A/C
Account Name戶口名稱:
‘Parkview Rhine Garden Pre-School’
Account Number戶口號碼:
d. *Only applicable to Kindergarten applications

Enrollment fee報名費 HK$40.

A crossed cheque made payable to 'Parkview Rhine Garden Pre-School'
劃線支票抬頭 '栢基海韻幼稚園'
Remark:# Before you begin the Online Application, please prepare the soft copies of the documents above. Applicant’s passport size digital photo can only be accepted jpg format. All other documents should be submitted in jpg /pdf format, the file size must be less than 2MB.
開始網上申請前,請齊備以上文件檔案,申請人的數碼相片(護照尺寸)僅限jpg格式,文件以jpg /pdf格式提交,大小不多於2MB。

2. Admission Criteria收生準則
  • Lower Kindergarten(LK) and Upper Kindergarten(UK)Applicants will be notified of the interview arrangement in early November 2021. 報讀低班及高班學童會於本年11月初收到通知面試的安排。
  • No interview is required for Pre-Nursery (PN) and Nursery(K1) applicants報讀預備班及幼兒班學童不須安排面試。
  • Children must meet the age requirement for the level applied for. 取錄適齡學童。
  • Applications are handled on a first come first served basis. 按報名之先後排列輪候次序。
  • Siblings of our current students and graduates will be considered a priority 優先考慮現正就讀本園學童及畢業生之弟妹。
  • Current Pre-Nursery(PN) students are given first priority for Nursery(K1)places 現讀本園預備班(PN)學童優先升讀幼兒班(K1) 。

    Please Note請注意:
  • If your child has registered for our Pre-Nursery (PN) Class in the School Year 2021-2022, you do not need to submit the School Year 2022-2023 Application for our Kindergarten Nursery (N) Class at this stage. 如已註冊為本幼兒園2021-2022學年預備班學童者,則不須再遞交2022-2023學年幼稚園幼兒班之入學申請。
3. Admission Results取錄結果
Results will be announced by Post before 31/12/2021. 於31/12/2021前發信通知取錄結果。

4. Reservation入學留位

~For Pre-Nursery Reservation預備班留位
Parents of successful applicants need to complete the reservation procedures during the registration days in January 2022. Payment of the Reservation Fee (HK$970) is required before admission, the fee is non-refundable for cancellation. For students who have not reached two years old by September 2022, students' names will be placed onto the ‘Waiting List’.


~For Kindergarten Registration Days 幼稚園統一註冊日 (To be announced by the Education Bureau待教育局宣佈)
Parents of successful applicants need to submit the original '2022-2023 Registration Certificate' and Registration Fee HK$970 to complete the registration procedures during the registration days in January 2022. Parents need to apply for the return of the 'Registration Certificate' if they wish to cancel after registration, however, the registration fee is non-refundable.

5. Waiting List 輪候名單
For students who are unsuccessful for admission, their names will be placed onto the 'Waiting List'. If a place does become available, parents will be notified by post not later than one month before the proposed admission date.

6. Withdrawal 退學
For student withdrawal after reservation / admission, please note that one full month’s notice in written format is required or a payment of one full month’s tuition in lieu will be charged in the case of notification being received with less than one month’s notice. The school place will then be offered to other candidates.

7. Telephone Number for enquiries報名查詢電話
 Telephone No.電話: 2491-1082 / 2496-2080