Parent Involvement & PTA

Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA)

The PIPS-PTA was established in November 1999. Parents are welcome to join the PTA; the membership fee is HK$50.00 per year. The PTA organizes a variety of activities such as talks and workshops for the members throughout the school year.

Pre-school Education Voucher Scheme (PEVS)

Starting September 2007, the Government will implement the Pre-school Education Voucher Scheme(PEVS) for Kindergartens in Hong Kong. The PEVS mainly provides fee subsidy for parents of children attending nursery, lower and upper classes in local non-profit-making kindergartens and in parallel, subsidizes teachers' professional development. An eligible pupil will receive a Certificate of Eligibility under the voucher scheme. The pupil holding the Certificate can receive fee subsidy when attending PIPS – Rhine Garden ralph lauren which is eligible for the voucher scheme. Application forms and guidance notes are available at the District Offices, the Post Offices, the Regional Education Offices of the EMB and the fake Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA) at

Kindergarten Profile Please visit PIPS profile published by EDB for parents' reference at .


28/2/2019 Parent-Child Workshop- LEGO DUPLO I am Hero! 親子工作坊- LEGO DUPLO I am Hero!
28/2/2019 Parent-Child Workshop- Balloon Twisting Fun 親子工作坊- 扭氣球班