Letter from School Principal

Welcome back to PIPS-RG! Hurrah~ Today is a beautiful day, and I can see that all the N boys & girls & parents were very excited and wore big smiles when arriving at school. As you may be aware there has recently been some evidence that lead has been found in certain development’s drinking water supplies. In order to assure our parents that the drinking water at PIPS–RG is safe the management company has carried out a quality check. This quality check showed that no lead was found and therefore is safe to drink. The management company will conduct a further test at a later date and the results will be announced when available. Once again WELCOME BACK, and let’s have another wonderful year starting from today!

各位家長,你們好! 歡迎到訪栢基網頁。 面對社會日益進步,資訊發達的年代,幼兒教育必須不斷求新求變,追求卓越。本園一向以持續優化的精神,以幼兒為中心,強調師資專業能力,改善教育質素,努力為我們的下一代與家長們共同努力。 我們重視幼兒的個別差異,兼顧每個幼兒的能力和興趣之發展,讓他們在關愛、鼓勵、尊重、公平、愉快及和諧的氣氛下學習,我們又經常走出課室進行學習活動,帶領學童探究,令他們增廣見聞,學得更有自信、創意及積極主動,而且強調學習生活化,讓幼兒透過親身第一手經驗去學習,使幼兒能在歡愉的環境下獲取更多的知識,發揮各人的潛能。 本園的教師及職員對幼兒充滿「愛」之心,對幼教的熱誠,積極投入,關愛幼童,培養幼兒主動學習及喜愛上學。在這笑聲滿載,朝氣洋溢的「栢基」,充分體現了「以兒童為中心」的大家庭。 各位親愛的家長,為了我們小朋友的未來,就讓我們家校攜手合作,努力培養他們成為社會上一個有用的人,對人對事都滿有愛心、有責任、自信積極、樂觀及勇敢不怕困難的人 。

Yours sincerely,

Yuki HO Suet-yu (Principal)
何雪茹 校長