KG Admission

1. Classes班級 # Bi-lingual Teaching雙語授課:

∆Kindergarten(Tower One)



Must be 2 years 8 months by 1st September
於9 月1 日足2歲8個月

Lower Kindergarten低班

Must be 3 years 8 months by 1st September
於9 月1 日足3歲8個月

Upper Kindergarten高班

Must be 4 years 8 months by 1st September
於9 月1 日足4歲8個月


After School Programs  課外興趣班


All ECA classes are conducted by the Education Service Agency 所有興趣班由教育服務機構提供( Please check with the office 請向校務處查詢 )

#Bi-lingual Playgroup雙語遊戲小組


Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) 興趣班

From 3 up由3歲起

#English and Cantonese teaching, and there are English & Putonghua lessons. 英語及廣東話授課,另設有英語堂及普通話堂。
∆Children (3-6 years of age) who are permitted to reside in Hong Kong attending Kindergarten session can join the Pre-school Education Voucher Scheme (PEVS) offered by the EDB. Annual subsidy for the 2016-2017 School Year is HK$23,230. 合資格兒童可享用學券,2016-2017學年資助額為全年HK$23,230。

2. Fees 費用  (The 2016-2017 school fees is approved by EDB. 2016-2017年度學費經由教育局審批。):
Tuition 學費




Tuition fee per month for all levels各級每月學費



(Tuition and Lunch Fee are payable on a “Monthly Basis” in 10 installments.學費及膳費以月費形式繳付(共十期)。

Incidentals and Snacks Fee per semester每學期茶點雜費 – HK$2,500
(The Incidental Fee is collected twice in a school year in advance of 1st & 2nd semester. 全年茶點雜費分上學期及下學期2次預繳。)

3. Enrollment fees 報名費(non-refundable不設退款) – HK$40

4. Registration fees 註冊費(non-refundable不設退款) –Half day class半日班HK$970

This will be deducted from the first month’s tuition fee upon successful application.成功入讀,已繳付的註冊費會在首月學費中扣除。

5. Uniforms and School Bag校服書包:

Summer wear 夏季校服

Boys 男生 - T-shirt T恤  HK$130, Shorts短褲  HK$130

Girls女生 - Dress裙 HK$195

Winter wear冬季校服

Boys & Girls男女生- Long sleeve track suit 套裝 HK$265,  T-shirt T恤  HK$130

School bag書包


6. School Hours上課時間:
5 days per week每週5 天
AM Session上午班-08:45 to 11:45           PM Session下午班-13:00 to 16:00

7. Office Hours 辦公時間:
Monday to Friday 星期一至五- 08:30 to 12:30, 14:00 to 16:30       Saturday星期六- 08:30 to 12:30
The office is closed on all public holidays 公眾假期休息

8. School Website 學校網址:
Email address 電郵:
Kindergarten幼稚園 :  Telephone 電話: 2491-1082    Facsimile傳真: 2496-0523
For Nursery information, please call 2496-2080 or visit our School Website.有關幼兒園資料,請致電2496-2080或到本園網址瀏覽。

9. To Apply 報名手續:
Submit the “Application Form” with the following documents in person or by mail to the Kindergarten
親臨本幼稚園遞交或 郵寄「入學申請表」及下列文件:

  1. 1. 3 passport size photos of the applicant 3張學童証件相 (size 4cm X 5cm)
  2. 2. Copy of birth certificate學童出世紙副本
  3. 3. Copy of parents’ I.D. cards父母身份証副本
  4. 4. 3 stamped addressed envelopes (with HK$4 stamp) 回郵信封(貼上HK$4 郵票) 3個 -- (size 24cm x 11cm)  
  5. 5. Enrollment fee報名費 HK$40. 

  A crossed cheque made payable to “ Parkview Rhine Garden Pre-School
  劃線支票抬頭 "栢基海韻幼稚園"